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Entry #1


2009-01-18 10:37:13 by xCRISTYLx

I feel good to release another animation after a few years. I need to do it more often even if it does enslave me...............


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2009-01-18 13:16:57

great work man

xCRISTYLx responds:

thank you so much. didn't get FP, but I tried. Maybe next time. From here on out thanks for your support.


2009-01-23 23:22:45

well it's pretty good dude, so keep up the awsometastic work


2009-01-28 08:07:34

Can you make more that way I can laugh more?


2009-01-28 10:15:58

Well do it more often but you should enslave it not it enslave you, l love your work man


2009-01-29 21:34:34

yeeah, you should absolutely be making more of this funny things


2009-04-05 15:51:49

I love the black house keep going with it

xCRISTYLx responds:

THANKS MAN, really means alot.


2009-07-18 18:10:23


Love the cartoons!

Check my message I sent you!



2009-09-02 01:49:15

to be brutally honest, it was okay. animation is good though, forgot to mention that. Keep it up... the animation that is, ha ha ha.


2009-09-07 13:03:36

(This is to your X-mas animation, i didn't know where else to leave it.)
Hmm couldn't really be bothered to log in to that site and rate ya!
Upload it to newgrounds bro. Anyways!

Your animations are great, The humor has a constant flow where you never feel like your just watching people talk. You have an original art style for getting your animations across and with some work you could be great.

The jokes are a little on the perverted/immature side. But hell man its newgrounds half the top page submissions end up something like a circle with a dick and its enough to front page. I thought the humor was pretty great.

I'd like to however point out a few lacking points.
Music: get some, use some. Do some testing with it and try to work in different clips of music for "Dramatic" moments or "surprise" jokes. Try not to be cliche when you do it. The record scratch insert "pun" thing gets old if its overused. but it's at least a positive spin.

Voice acting: The voice acting is good it just seems like its quality of the mic is holding you back. You might gain from better quality there, not that its a problem.

Other then that your a good artist you have the skills. Some experimental animating might help fine tune a bit.

Hope to see more animations from you.(on newgrounds)


2009-09-07 20:53:14

Hey just dropped in to say Sup and keep workin on yer flashes

The X-Mas thing was funny...keep making me of those :)


2009-09-17 14:26:40

nice thx for telling me that was awesome 5/5